• FLOWER VASE Ver.1.0


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This is a flower base made with an FDM 3D printer. Vivid hues unique to 3D printer materials add color to the room. It can also be hung on the wall using the indentation on the back.
Yellow / Blue / Ivory / Green : ABS
Beige : PLA
13.4cm × 15.3cm
※Flowers are not included.


・生地のカッティングにより画像と異なる場合がございます。 同商品、同色におきましても色(染料)やロットによって伸縮性・伸び率、裁断上ずれなどが生じてしまう現象があります。

・商品写真はできる限り実物の色に近づけるよう徹底しておりますが、 お使いのモニター設定、お部屋の照明等により実際の商品と色味が異なる場合がございます。





・商品によってはシワが付きやすく、畳みジワ、折りジワなどが強く出る場合がございます。 洗濯・アイロンをする前には、商品タグの品質表示をご確認くださいませ。


・The color, size, and design may differ slightly depending on the time of production.

・The fabric may differ from the image due to the cutting of the fabric. Even with the same product and color, elasticity, elongation, and shifts in cutting may occur depending on the color (dye) and lot.

・Although we try our best to keep the product photos as close to the actual color as possible, the color may differ from the actual product due to your monitor settings, room lighting, etc.

・We have standardized the size measurement among our staff, but there may be a slight error (around 2-3cm).

・The actual size (measured flat with a measuring tape) is not comparable to the size indicated on the tag because the method of measurement is different.

・Some products may shrink due to the characteristics of the fabric, so please be careful when washing.

・Please refer to the product tag attached to the product for handling instructions.

・Some products wrinkle easily and may have strong folding and creasing wrinkles. Please check the quality label on the product tag before washing and ironing.

・Design, specifications and software are subject to change without notice for product improvement.